My Story

My name is Anne-Marie. I am a Pansexual Trans Woman, I transitioned 4 years ago.

I have been through a lot in the last few years. I have some terrible dating experiences. Most sites seem full of scams, con-people and people selling sex. I want to provide a fresh perspective...

I started  WOKEALLY  very recently as a safe place for people to chat, meet and date across the LGBTQIA community. Most sites out there are just don't fit or don't care.

Most sites are judgemental supporting negative and abusive experiences.

My aim is to provide a great experience where everyone is welcome and represented.
 All genders, all sexualities, all races, nationalities & abilities.

WOKEALLY  matches people based on personality, character traits, interests, sports and anything else you are looking for. 

WOKEALLY  monitors activity, verifies profiles and has a great search to match the best of them and I will protect your data.

 I would be honoured for all you amazing people out there would support me.

Let's stand together to create better caring online experiences free of trolling.

 I have some great things planned so have your voice heard and help others!


Providing a safer way to meet people, friends and future partners.

I am on your own side. Wokeally actively supports LGBTQIA rights. I have been through and still am going through what many of you are

Embracing everyone, everywhere, no bias or ISM's

Create insightful, beautiful profiles and find perfect partners and friends. We believe in real profiles by real people.

100% real and genuine, NOT < 3% real like those out there at the moment.

Personality comes first on your profile

Search for people like you by interest, sports, character, personality

Personality profiling to find your perfect match

Search for people based on what they are looking for and what they are looking for from their life.

WOKEALLY takes security seriously and active monitoring is important on social media to create a safe place - No trolling at WOKEALLY

Proactively remove scammers and con artists - thats one of the reasons for charging $.
ID checks for VIPs - stay safe

Be Kind, Be Patient I am just getting started!

Coming Soon:
Have your own blog right here. I have some amazing social features planned including apps, video chat, meet-ups and brand partner discounts your are interested in, not spammed by.